wire mesh / screen fabric / metal mesh

The production of metal meshes is carried out from wires on special looms and can be made from a variety of materials.
Most commonly, metal meshes are made of stainless steel, copper, bronze, and brass. Galvanized wire mesh and steel mesh are only used in special applications, e.g., in rubber production. Wire meshes are mostly found in the industry, e.g., filter discs, filter cylinders, filter molded parts, and other filter elements.
Colloquially, wire mesh is often referred to as screening fabric or metal mesh and is used in the private sector as insect screens, beekeeping accessories, rodent protection, bird protection, and light well covers.

Weave types / Types of fabric

Square mesh fabric, Twilled square mesh fabric, Rectangular mesh fabric, Square fabric, One-sided smooth grids, Wire knits, Crimped mesh, Smooth grids, Five-harness fabric

Unique identification of fabrics Mesh size Wire diameter

A fabric can be defined by the mesh size and the wire diameter, clearly defining a type of fabric. The designation Mesh or meshes per cm2 is not 100% precise, as the fabric designation often includes several types of fabrics with different mesh sizes / wire diameters in the same range of a Mesh or meshes per cm2 indication.

Our offer and service for you

We supply you with wire mesh / metal mesh in various weave types made of stainless steel, copper, bronze as rolls, cut to size, punched or laser cut. Ready-made or as complete filter elements according to your wishes and requirements, we manufacture:

Intake filters, exhaust filters, shielding fabrics, extruder screens, water filters, drum filters, intake filters, filter discs, oil filters, fuel filters, candle filters, and much more.