flat gaskets

Since the founding of the company Soff, the product range includes flat gaskets and cap gaskets made of aluminum, copper, brass, and metal fiber fleece as well as other materials and variants of the aforementioned materials.
Depending on the material and requirement, for example, aluminum gaskets are annealed to minimize hardness. Annealing improves the deformation properties of the gasket and guarantees optimal sealing contact with the sealing surfaces.

Our tooling assortment includes a portfolio of tools for the production of gaskets for special applications, e.g., in plant engineering or in the chemical and plastics industry, which has grown over several decades.
Currently, the outer diameters range from 9mm to 210mm
The material thickness is up to 5mm (in aluminum).

Our tool making can quickly and flexibly respond to custom solutions or special customer requests and manufacture the required tools for production.

Whether small quantities or series, we reliably manufacture for you according to your specifications in the usual Soff quality.
All gaskets are delivered oil and grease-free as standard. Good flatness is also one of the quality characteristics for thick flat gaskets, as is the absence of burrs.

To ensure quality, we only use materials with a 3.1 material certificate and of European origin for production.

For deburring flat gaskets, we have various technologies that we apply depending on the different types of gaskets to achieve the optimal result.

Our gaskets have been used by our customers for many decades, ranging from small customers to large chemical companies.