Filters & Filter Elements

Filter Elements for Industrial Use

Here is a brief description of the requirements for our filter elements.

Filter elements and filtration systems for industrial applications

Today’s manufacturing processes place high demands on the systems used and the wire mesh, fabrics, or metal fiber fleeces employed. Both the quality of the raw materials and the adherence to tolerances during manufacturing are crucial for every filter. The individual layers are typically spot welded and can be produced in various outer diameters; it is also possible to manufacture the filters as arched versions. The number and position of the welding points, as well as the number of layers, are determined by the customer and manufactured according to customer specifications. The tools for manufacturing are made by our tool-making department.

Filtration systems must have a high service life to maintain smooth operation of your plant, even large quantities of all types of particles must be filtered out of the medium to be filtered in a process-reliable manner. It is always important to maintain or improve the required efficiency.
Soff Filter offers you products, whether in series production or custom manufacturing according to your needs, for industrial use or research.
In the development or optimization of your filtering process, we are happy to support you as a partner, delivering small quantities according to your requirements has been part of our business for many decades and is the foundation of a reliable partnership between supplier and customer.

Many companies from the agriculture, chemical industry, petroleum refining industry, manufacture of filament yarns, production of thermoplastic plastics, petroleum industry, and research rely on our filters.