Discs made of wire mesh

Discs from Wire Mesh

We manufacture simple discs from wire mesh / filter discs as punched parts starting from a diameter of 3mm. For our punching machines, we have several hundred different punching tools; in general, almost every diameter is already available.
Special punching tools are manufactured in our in-house tool-making department.

Strip Punching Line for Large Quantities

A strip punching line is essential for economically producing larger quantities. Our machinery includes a self-designed and self-manufactured strip punching line that is used for punching larger quantities. The system was specifically designed to match our machines and can be quickly and easily mounted on all punching machines.

Punching or Laser Cutting

Depending on the available tools, the production is carried out as punched parts or laser cuts.

Laser cutting allows for the production of more complex geometries such as oval, polygon, or kidney shapes without the need for tools, meaning high initial costs or tooling costs do not apply.
Furthermore, wire meshes with stronger wires can be better laser-cut than punched. However, some very fine discs made of wire meshes can only be punched.

Edge Fraying and Mesh Distortion

Punched discs are often used as simple loose inserts. Mesh distortion and wires breaking out of the fabric composite at the cut edges are common in processing and inevitable when punching or laser cutting normal wire meshes. For some production processes, mesh distortion and broken wires pose a significant problem. Loose wires could disrupt the process, shifted meshes could affect the filtration fineness.
The processing of diffusion-annealed and calendered wire meshes eliminates these problems.
DKS wire meshes exhibit the following properties
-no mesh distortion
-no wire breakage at the cut edges
-free of particles

Wire Mesh and Quality

We manufacture discs from wire mesh made of stainless steel wire mesh 1.4301, 1.4401, copper, brass metal fiber fleece, polyester fleece, and many other materials.

All wire mesh discs are delivered oil and grease-free as standard. If desired, the wire mesh discs can be cleaned again by ultrasonic using special cleaning solutions.

 On request, the filter discs can also be straightened, which is particularly important for the flatness of very fine types of fabric.

Metal mesh discs from wire mesh

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Punching