Encased screen discs

Encased Screen Discs / Filter Discs

Our product range includes encased screen discs from 14.7mm in diameter up to a diameter of 175.6mm. Encased screen discs can be manufactured with one filter layer or with multiple layers and/or support layers.

Currently, we produce encased screen discs with up to 12 filter layers. The production is carried out according to customer specifications. Our filter discs consist of metal wire meshes 1.4301 / 1.4401, metal fiber fleeces, braided fabrics or polyester, etc.

In the mentioned diameter range, we have almost all common sizes. As a customer, you have the advantage that you do not have to invest in initial costs / tooling costs,
so that even smaller quantities for special machines, test series, or research projects can be realized quickly.

Markings of the inflow side but also other identifications of the fabric type can be applied to the encasement of the screen discs.

If there is no suitable tool set or diameter in the desired dimensions, we can quickly and cost-effectively manufacture it in our tool making department.


The encased screen discs can be made of aluminum, stainless steel V2A / V4A, or even copper. The thickness of the encasement varies from 0.4mm to 1mm, depending on the tool set. The encasement also serves as a seal, and depending on the requirement, different hard materials are used to achieve the desired result for the customer. Too hard materials prevent the “flowing” of the material of the casing, resulting in the seal to the filter housing not being given.


For the manufacturing of the outer casing of our encased screen discs, we exclusively use materials with mill certificates,
and we also focus on quality for the inserts such as wire meshes etc. This product quality benefits your production process, because only flawless wire mesh delivers an optimal filtering result and a corresponding service life in filtration use.

Applications for encased screen discs:

Chemical industry, extruder screens, rubber manufacturing, petrochemistry, pump pre-filters, plastic processing, food filtration, and water filtration