Drying screens

We can manufacture drying screens and drying baskets for industrial applications or research projects such as drying fibers or plastic granules for you from wire mesh 1.4301 or 1.4401 (V2A/V4A) or other materials.
In the design, we focus on practical solutions such as smooth outer edges that facilitate sliding in and out. The dimensions are determined by the size of the drying oven.

Our drying screens can be spot welded; the stainless steel outer frame is TIG welded.
Depending on the requirement, we can manufacture single-layer or multi-layer drying screens and install a support fabric according to the required fineness of the wire mesh or stability.

As a rule, we use a stable and torsion-resistant stainless steel frame, which in addition to stability also offers the advantage of smooth edges, thus completely eliminating the risk of injury from protruding wire mesh.

We manufacture drying baskets as a series or individual pieces completely according to your wishes.