Filtration Technology

Our manufacturing portfolio includes filters made of metal wire mesh of various weaving types, metal fiber fleece or polyester fleece encased in aluminum, stainless steel, or copper.

Filter discs, filter candles, or other assemblies related to filtering, distributing, conveying, separating, venting, and dedusting are also part of our product range.

Manufacturing is carried out according to customer specifications, even in small quantities. The type of bonding and the filter fineness are also adapted to the customer’s wishes or the requirements of the medium to be filtered.

Encased Filters:

These filters can be manufactured as single-layer or multi-layer filters.
Encasing the filter discs in aluminum or stainless steel guarantees higher temperature resistance compared to plastic encasements.

Filter Discs and Cutouts:

Wire mesh cutouts as stamped or laser parts, cutting by laser allows for free-form contours and cutouts at favorable prices. Tool costs are not required for laser cuts.

Filter Candles:

Made of wire mesh and support fabric or from sintered fabric welded by spot or seam welding.

Screen Discs with & without Encasement

Made from wire mesh with framing from aluminum or stainless steel or spot welded.

Melt Filters for Extrusion

Single-layer or multi-layer as a screen package for extrusion plants

Drying Screens:

As inserts for drying ovens with sturdy frames and reinforcements made of stainless steel

Filter Assemblies:

Manufacturing of assemblies with corresponding production depth i.e., laser cutting, rounding, stamping, welding, deep drawing, powder coating, and assembly.


Wastewater treatment / drinking water treatment, chemical industry, recycling, electronics industry, dust filters, research and development, industrial applications in high-temperature areas