Tool making

Tool making has been the “heart” of Soff company from the beginning, even today in times of outsourcing we are convinced of our “all from one source principle” and will not forego the advantages of having our own tool making in the future.

We have all the necessary technologies for the production of punching and cutting tools.
The production of production-relevant plants and devices up to powder coating is done in-house.

3D CAD design
CNC milling
Hard drilling
Measuring and testing equipment
TIG & spot welding

All punching, cutting, and forming tools used in the Soff house come from the idea / design to the finished assembly from our tool making.

Defective or worn tools can be repaired or completely remanufactured in the shortest possible time.
The downtime in production is extremely short.

In our tool making, we manufacture, among other things, special fixtures for our production such as spot welding fixtures, feeds for punching machines, tool holders, and smaller production plants.