Screen baskets Screen cylinders

We manufacture screen baskets and screen cylinders for filtration applications from stainless steel and use perforated sheets, wire meshes, and also sintered materials. There are no limits to the application and basic shape, whether square or round, whether as a wastewater filter or fine filter for chemical processes.

Depending on the filter fineness and application, we manufacture a filter cylinder suitable for you from different material combinations. The manufacturing of connection elements is also carried out according to customer specifications.

The filter elements / fabric cylinders can be equipped with CNC machined or also with punched and deep-drawn connections. The attachment of the connection elements to the screen basket or the filter cylinder can be done by riveting, pressing, welding, rolling, and other methods.

Furthermore, depending on the desired function, fixed or movable handles, limiters, and other parts can be attached to the screen baskets.

Areas of application

Mining, chemistry, wastewater filters, pipeline filters, and much more.