The company Soff was founded in 1941 by Mr. Alfred Soff.
With a punching machine and 3 cuts, the production of wire mesh rounds began as a side job.

In 1946, production began as a main job under the name Soff Metal Fabrication and Stamping. Mainly goods for daily needs were manufactured.

In 1948, Mr. Alfred Soff began the
production of filters / technical sieves and gaskets
made of aluminum and metallic materials for industrial applications.

Over the years, the product range grew to several hundred filter inserts and gaskets.
The origin of the production process still goes back to the company founder Alfred Soff, his technology allows us to manufacture filters and gaskets individually and economically even in small quantities to this day.

  Our experienced
and long-serving employees are the guarantee for the
quality of each individual product from Soff.

We have been manufacturing exclusively in Germany since 1941.

Made in Germany, made by SOFF